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The howling wind, the driving rain, the falling snow, the rumbling thunder and the flashing lightning all signal us to stay safe and comfortable indoors. But what if the protection of your home is compromised by the storm? What do you do to protect your property and your loved ones?

5 Reasons to Get Tree Service Before a Storm

One solution is preventative maintenance. With the help of FJP Services, Inc., you can reduce the risk of significant property damage by hiring tree service experts. We provide pruning, removal, stump grinding, cabling and deep root feeding as a part of our comprehensive tree service.

Here are five reasons why you should hire our tree service experts before the next storm.

1. Inspection
The first thing we do is inspect the trees on your property. We will take note of any potential risks and offer solutions to make your home or business secure. This preventive step is crucial in ensuring safety. We will look for cracks in limbs and trunks, branches that are leaning too much, decaying trees, fungus and anything that is close to utility lines.

2. Tree Health
Your tree health is of vital importance. Decayed or diseased trees present a danger to your home. If a tree is listing or has a split trunk, broken or severed roots or cracks in the main stem, it will most likely not survive the next time a storm strikes.

3. Property Damage
One of the primary reasons to schedule tree service is to minimize damage. The health and security of you and your family should always come first. If something is threatening the welfare of your home and its inhabitants, you should neutralize the threat.

4. Power Lines
Trees near power lines pose an even greater danger as they can knock them down and cause a potential electrical hazard. Only experts should be removing any tree limbs that are in proximity to utility lines.

5. Peace of Mind
Finally, our tree service will give you peace of mind. Instead of looking out at a tree in your yard and worrying, you can take comfort in the fact that our tree experts have taken care of any potential problems. The threat of a tree crashing into the side of your home is minimized.

If you wish to learn more about FJP Services, Inc., our tree service and all of our other exceptional offerings, we encourage you to contact us by calling 215-675-9071 or filling out a contact form on our website today.

If you have any questions about making your property safer and more attractive in any season, please don't hesitate to give me a call at 215-303-4033 or drop me an email at

All the best, 
Dave Plechner
Dave Plechner, VP of Operations
FJP Services, Inc.