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This season's harsh weather conditions may be wrecking havoc on your home's exterior. But it's not too late to do a quick inspection and some remedial repairs before little problems become big ones. As a service to our best customers, we offer these six tips to avoiding costly repairs down the road.

Six Quick Tips to Reduce Costly Winter Repairs

  1. Check your gutter downspouts for icicles. Ice can work its way up under your shingles and cause roof damage you may not notice until you get a leak (usually during a major storm on a weekend in the middle of the night when immediate help may not be readily available.) Above ground spouts should be well connected at the elbow and release water at least six feet away from the nearest wall, or at a point where run-off will drain away from the foundation.

  2. Clear any ice buildup on your air conditioning compressor. Lodged ice can damage the unit and should be chipped away carefully.

  3. Clear snow and ice from your sump pump outlet. This will prevent buildup that can clog and backup the pump during storms when you need it the most.

  4. Carefully select your ice melting materials:
    -- For concrete patios or walkways, use magnesium or calcium chloride (often called "safety ice" or "safety salt"). This material is better than conventional rock salt which can weaken and de-laminate concrete. It will be more expensive than rock salt but much less expensive than replacing these surfaces or trying to patch them (which is never an attractive solution).
    -- For blacktop surfaces or wooden or composite decks, use either ice melting material.

  5. Patch any cracks in your foundation or walls with cement mortar to keep out moisture and prevent mice or other pests from entering the home. If the house is made of brick, inspect the mortar for signs of deterioration and repair as needed.

  6. As the winter wears on, check for low hanging or cracked tree limbs and split tree trunks that could fall on your home or vehicles. 

If you have any questions about making your property safer and more attractive in any season, please don't hesitate to give me a call at 215-303-4033 or drop me an email at

All the best, 
Dave Plechner
Dave Plechner, VP of Operations
FJP Services, Inc.